Global Outreach

At New Day Church, we understand our mission is not only outside our front door, but also around the world. So we’ve adopted Hope for Children Ministries, Rwanda as our global mission.

Rwanda, a beautiful country, called the land of a thousand hills, has been ravaged by the genocide of 1994, where over 1 million people were brutally murdered in less than 100 days. 

Now, so many years later, we see its effects taking a toll on families and children. Those orphaned by genocide, now vulnerable and in poverty, are having families of their own. 

Parents work hard to survive but don’t have the skills or examples necessary to raise their children well. The result leaves many children turning to the streets to survive.

But there is hope. New Day Church along with Hope for Children Ministries, Inc. (HFCM) strives to bring healing to the people of Rwanda (body, mind and spirit) by providing basic needs in the short-term, with the long-term goal of becoming self-sufficient. Working in the community, within the families of the poor and vulnerable, we seek lasting life change.

Most importantly, HFCM spreads the Good News of Jesus to children living in poverty and to their families, building lasting relationships and trust.

We do this by sending teams to Rwanda at least twice a year. These teams consist of ordinary people doing extraordinary things as they step out of their comfort zone and bring the love of Jesus to families who desperately need it.

Along with bringing the Gospel message, we teach basic parenting and personal hygiene, as well as other skills necessary for families with children to thrive.

Join us! There’s room for you on the team! Contact Julie Klosiewski, Missions Director, here.